Convection Batch Oven for Fuel Cell Manufacturing

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) are precision electrochemical reactors. These cells consist of multiple layers of different ceramic materials, each with a different coefficient of thermal expansion. One major challenge in the manufacturing of these layers is to fire them without cracking or delaminating, caused by poor uniformity in the firing furnace. In addition to excellent thermal uniformity the firing furnace has to control the porosity of the ceramic. For firing steps above 1100°C, BTU offers the convection batch furnace and the continuous pusher furnace. For firing steps below 1100°C, BTU offers a belt furnace system. BTU has proven it can deliver the very precise uniformity required with these three types of systems.

BTU has designed and tested a unique high-temperature SOFC system and manufacturing process. It uses a cast “green” anode substrate with additional layers – anode, electrolyte and cathode – screen printed onto Continuous Pusher Furnaces for Fuel Cell Manufacturingthe anode. Unlike other designs, the layers are co-fired, in a single firing step, at 1300°C. BTU provides both the technology and the manufacturing equipment for a complete production line.

Pusher furnaces from BTU are engineered for better heat efficiency and system durability. Alumina bricking, sophisticated safety controls, and advanced operational software make BTU’s pusher furnaces ideal for high performance applications. Sophisticated CAD/CAE design capability gives BTU an advantage in responding to a wide range of customer requirements. The design of BTU’s pusher furnaces optimizes customer productivity while offering maximum flexibility.

The Pusher furnace features BTU’s proprietary WINCON™ control system. WINCON features a simplified user interface and incredibly powerful analytical capabilities.

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